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Healthy living in natural way

Consume foods in which carbohydrate to fibre ratio is below 10 which has got built-in medicinal properties 

Guaranteed Results

Lakhs of people turned into this natural way of living and come out of their chronic ailments like BP, Sugar etc & even deadly diseases like Cancer and HIV

Custom Plans

Each disease if approached with a specific diet plan we can get better and quick results ..

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without affecting Your Busy Lifestyle

Dr. Khadar Vali has brought forth the eternal truth behind keeping good health by doing intensive research for many years (towards finding a lasting solution for many modern illnesses) after being deeply disturbed by the cause of modern illnesses and resolving to find lasting solutions for them.

The remarkable contribution of Dr. Khadar Vali to the fields of food and health lies in highlighting the fact that the ratio of dietary fibre to carbohydrates present in different foods largely determines the health of people who consume them. Besides, his unrelenting work as an independent food scientist and health expert is unparalleled since he not only discovered the medicinal properties of the much forgotten cereals called millets but also successfully recommended them for patients of various diseases for cure.

Cure any disease in just 4 simple steps..

You do not have to struggle hard and spend lakhs of rupees to come out of any deadly disease. Just follow the below 4 principles. You will be alright in just a matter of 3 months ..

Take millets as your main diet

Change your main diet from rice & wheat to millets. Those foods in which carbohydrate to fiber ratio is below 10 are have shown medicinal properties, in millets  ratio varies between 5.5 and 8.8

Consume Kashaya instead of milk, tea, coffee

Stop taking milk, tea and coffee which are causing hormonal imbalance in the human system, instead take kashayas with the locally available herbal leaves. Instead of Sugar use palm jaggery (Thati Bellam )

Walk an hour every day

Everybody must do natural yoga, simple walking, minimum for an hour. If this is not possible you must practice to the extent that your body can support..

Live in gratitude

Practice living in gratitude for all the things that you got from nature and god, be kind enough to other species on this planet, then health and happiness will be a natural consequence.

About Dr. Khader Vali

Professional Health Coach and Environmentalist

He devised simple methods of healing every kind of modern lifestyle diseases through DESI FOOD.  Further,  Dr. Khadar Vali’s in-depth knowledge of human-induced environmental pollution led him to see the interconnections among the modern chemical farming methods, indiscriminate use of natural resources with respect to agriculture, production of toxic food, deteriorated health of humans and other species, ecological imbalance and global warming on the planet. 

Dr. Khader’s Approach to Healthy living


Siri Dhanyalu as Main Diet

It is only siridhanyalu that have medicinal properties and can give real health for people.

Kashayalu made with plant tree leaves/roots

We can protect ourselves from modern diseases by consuming the prescribed ones.

Using naturally extrated oils

 they act as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities and provides relief from all problems

Let’s win-over cancer with siridhanyalu!

You’re Not Alone. Thousands of people got cured ..

 Cancer can be overcome by eating siridhanyalu as staple food and drinking ‘kashayas’ (herbal teas/decoctions).  When aping the west in food habits and lifestyle is checked, health can be regained in a span of 6 months to 2 years. The special arrangement carbohydrate intervoven with the fibre in siridhanyalu does the trick of regulating glucose into the blood stream. Each of these ‘siridhanyalu’ caters to the needs of specific requirements of the body and possesses disease eradication capacity.

Receips Book on Quick, Healthy Cooking at Home with millets

“Eat only when hungry. Don’t eat when not hungry. After the advent of the British we picked up the habit of eating thrice a day. It is not necessary. One can eat only when hungry. One should not eat when not hungry.” – Dr. Khadar Vali.

Links to Yummy Recipes prepared using Millets


Frequently asked questions from the participants..


Is it true that diseases like cancer are being healed with ‘siridhanyalu ’ like Foxtail, Kodo millets, etc.?

Yes, it is true. For the past twenty years we have got results through what I have believed in and recommended. In fact, taking safe/healthy food gives us a great deal of good health. In the interest of people’s good health, God has created a large variety of foods in different parts of the world. But, we are hit by a crisis by sticking to just paddy rice and wheat. In order to get out of this crisis we should walk towards Nature. By bringing about changes in our daily diet, we can achieve total health. It is only siridhanyalu that have medicinal properties and can give real health for people. It is mainly to build this awareness we started practising ‘JUNGLE FARMING’ and have been working with farmers and patients for the past twenty years.

Can the medicines prescribed by doctors be continued while eating ‘siridhanya’?

Yes. But, there is an exception here. I do not advocate allopathic medicines. Those who are on Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medication for any diseases can continue taking their medicines by bringing about certain changes in their dietary habits and lifestyle to attain complete good health.

Does it mean that foreign food items are the culprits?

We are not finding fault with foreign foods. Those food items are appropriate and good to be consumed in those places. Browntop millet is called American millet. In fact, Americans used to consume them in the past. They also used to eat pumpkin. Cardio-vascular diseases were not there as long as people ate them. Only since Americans stopped eating natural foods and started eating industrially grown food genetically modified foods, the number of diseases went up there. They do not know of as many different kinds of grains that we do. We used to have 108 different varieties of Foxtail millet. Americans do not have the knowledge of conserving food diversity. Foxtail millet is called Italian millet. Americans used to eat it till a few generations ago. The crop has been wiped out without any trace of the seeds now. Had I not worked on reviving the cultivation of siridhanyalu by gathering these seeds after returning from the US twenty years ago, they would have gone extinct here also.

There is a belief that cancer and diabetes are hereditary...

No, diseases like cancer and diabetes are not inheritable. They are a result of the consumption of unhealthy food and the adoption of wrong lifestyle habits mainly. Eczema and a few kinds of diseases related to mental retardation only are hereditary. In the past cancer and diabetes cases were very rare. Now, such patients are all pervasive. The changes brought about by the commercialisation of food are making people diseased.

What is the scientific reason behind curing diseases like cancer and diabetes with your diet?

Siridhanyalu (which include Foxtail millet, Browntop millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet and Kodo millet) are natural grains with medicinal properties offered by the Nature. Herbal decoctions have been an integral part of our traditional life for long now. Depending on individual condition of ailments, consuming siridhanyalu for about 6 months to 2 years will bring back complete health. This has been further confirmed by the recuperation of thousands of sick people affected by various diseases for a long time.

How come Siridhanyalu got medicinal properties?

To find out the health giving properties and the extent of medicinal qualities food items possess, the fibre and carbohydrates they contain need to be looked at. Fibre and carbohydrate contents in paddy rice are 0.2 percentage and 79 percentage respectively. In other words, their ratio is 395. Even in whole/raw paddy rice, the ratio of fibre to carbohydrates does not differ much. Whereas in the five siridhanyalu grains, fibre content ranges from 8 to 12.5 percentage and carbohydrate content is in the range of 60 to 69 percentage. Their ratio varies between 5.5 and 8.8. Those foods in which carbohydrate to fibre ratio is below 10 are have shown medicinal properties. Glucose is released into the blood in a regulated manner between 6 and 8 hours after eating such foods. The ability to not release glucose more than the required quantity into the blood, the presence of many micro nutrients and proteins make siridhanyalu extraordinary. When people with persistent diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. eat siridhanyalu rice for 6 months to 2 years depending on the condition of their ailments, they can get rid of them totally. Besides supplying nutrients in good amounts, siridhanyalu remove the disease causing elements from the body and make it clean. Since siridhanyalu have right fibre content in them, they should be soaked at least for a minimum of two hours before cooking. Great millet(Sorghum), Finger millet, Pearl millet, Proso millet and corn are together called neutral millets. Fibre content in them is in the range of 1.2 to 3.6 percentage. Glucose enters the blood within 2 hours of eating them. Hence, the health giving siridhanyalu are true and natural foods.

Suppliers of Siri Dhanyalu

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